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The Promises of a More Connected Campus
Discover how IoT devices, big data and analytics are combining to make campuses efficient, safe and smart.
Build an Intelligent Network for the Smart Campus
Learn how every successful smart campus initiative requires a robust, intelligent network foundation.
Digital Connections

Only 23% of education IT leaders said their current infrastructure is ready to support emerging connected campus technologies.? Of these leaders, 39% expect to improve bandwidth, while 36% expect to make deep modifications to their networks. 1

Your network is the foundation for your connected campus. The rise of applications in the cloud, connected IoT devices, video, VoIP and big data analytics are dramatically increasing the amount of traffic that moves across your network, which puts greater demand on the performance and security of your connectivity.

Working with an experienced network services provider that knows the complexities of higher education can help you build a reliable and secure network foundation to meet your current and future smart campus needs.

Energy Management

CenturyLink Field, home of the Seattle Seahawks, implemented a robust sustainability program over the last decade. It resulted in a 21% reduction in annual energy costs—even in the face of rising visitor attendance. 2

Most large universities have hundreds of buildings and venues that require lighting, heating and cooling. A large portion of their budget goes to the energy costs associated with operating facilities. Energy management systems that control heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and lighting can achieve up to 40% energy savings by dynamically negotiating environmental conditions of the building with its occupants. 3

Helping educators understand how a powerful campus network and the IoT can combine to help reduce energy costs is what our Smart Solutions experts do every day.???
Venue Services

Sports stadiums and arenas are some of the largest venues in America, with many of them in the top 0.1%, by size, of all U.S. commercial buildings. Buildings this big require large amounts of operating energy—but there are plenty of opportunities for savings. 4

Many of these venues have undertaken network upgrades to monitor and control energy and water consumption to lower operating costs. Some are enhancing the fan experience by providing free Wi-Fi with proximity-based notifications to enable in-venue applications on mobile devices. Others are adding private fiber connections that allow teams to transmit video and data between the stadium and the team's training facilities.? ? ?

Redefining the fan experience and managing energy consumption requires the rapid transfer and processing of data. CenturyLink has smart venue solutions for private and public venues to help you deliver a better visitor and fan experience while controlling energy and operational costs.?

Learning Spaces

Space, whether physical or virtual, can have a significant impact on learning. Learning spaces need to focus on how students can use space for more effective learning. Teaching and learning have become so inextricably connected with our digital companions that it is redefining the next generation of human understanding.

Network-based technologies play a fundamental role in stimulating greater student interaction through digital devices, wireless access, collaborative tools, video conferencing, VoIP, access to online resources, contact with international experts and immersive virtual worlds to explore.

CenturyLink is a trusted provider of network, voice, collaboration, conferencing, video, cloud, security and other network-based services uniquely designed, deployed and managed for education. All our services are specially priced for educational organizations and are available on multiple contracts, including: MiCTA, The Quilt, E-Rate Assistance, G2G Marketplace, GSA Schedule 70 and regional contracts.
Fleet Management

Nearly every college or university has cars available to faculty, staff, members and students on official business. Professors drive to research sites, students pile into vans for field trips, staff members make delivery runs in a college sedan and human recruiters rack up miles attending fairs to help build the next year’s class.

Whether your institution uses a government operated fleet or has a private motor pool, CenturyLink can provide a 360-degree view for monitoring and managing every step of fleet dispatching. Our fully-managed fleet management and monitoring solution is fueled by expert IT and advanced data and analytics services to help improve decision-making. This improved decision making can result in decreased motor pool size, increased utilization and enhanced customer service.

We can help you address the unique needs of fleets and motor pools in college and university environments.

Security and Safety

Seventy percent of parents say that safety is critical in picking schools for their children’s college education.5 Campus security departments prepare for life-threatening emergencies, provide medical assistance, patrol for suspicious or criminal activities, respond to calls for assistance, manage parking and more.

Most of these activities rely heavily on specialized video, communication and collaboration solutions. Governments and educators are investing in IP traffic-intensive applications like video surveillance and Next Generation 911 for an added level of student and citizen safety. Measures to create a more secure environment for students and citizens include integrating brighter lighting controlled by motion sensors or remote control, CCTV cameras and extended Wi-Fi connectivity. Network connected locks make it easy to control who can access hundreds of buildings on campus. Combined with other systems, like smart ID card readers, video surveillance, perimeter controls, every individual coming and going can be monitored.

To ensure the physical security of students and faculty—as well as their data—is foremost on the minds of modern educators. Let CenturyLink help you better protect your campus with secure, smart technologies.

Data Analytics

According to Ellucian, 61% of colleges and universities have analytics programs in place. Of the 200 higher education CxOs interviewed, 58% said institutional analytics that improve operational efficiency are of greater value than learning analytics that improve academic performance. 6? ?

Educators are investing in data analytics programs because they yield greater operational efficiency and reduce costs, helping organizations to spend their limited budgets wisely. These education leaders are using data analytics to gain deep insights into complex issues that can help enhance operational efficiencies, improve learning outcomes and increase retention and completion.

By turning masses of data into useful and actionable intelligence, higher education institutions are creating smarter campuses—for now and for the future. Another smart move is to partner with an organization with trusted data science consulting expertise to help you decipher and visualize your data for more informed decision-making.
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