Connect Students and Teachers with Technology

Solve challenges in K-12 education today and control costs while providing the immersive learning environments of tomorrow.

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We Help Academic Institutions Teach Economically
CenturyLink helps transform K-12 education with secure, cost-effective IT solutions.
  • Rapidly deploy cloud-based applications that augment classroom activity and improve homework assignments
  • Provide advanced voice, communication and collaboration solutions to help teachers, parents and administrators communicate easily
  • Support secure, in-school Wi-Fi to enhance visitor experiences, support teachers and make learning more engaging for students
  • Improve campus lighting, heating, cooling and security with IoT networked devices to keep students safe while controlling costs
  • Enhance application and network cybersecurity to lower risk, improve compliance and protect assets?
Unified Communications for Compliance-Driven Organizations

Move your unified communications to the cloud and stay fully compliant with your organization’s mandated security and privacy requirements.

CenturyLink voice, network, cloud and security technologies help primary education institutions redefine the digital classroom experience.? We make these solutions easy to procure through a variety of vehicles – like E-Rate Assistance and MiCTA.
Explore Solutions Designed for K-12
Data Network Rely on high-speed, on-demand networking to power education.?
VoIP Connect students and faculty with superior voice technology and equipment at a predictable cost.
Security Detect, protect against and respond to cyberattacks with security capabilities trusted by the DoD.
Cloud & Hosting Meet the latest student, faculty and administrator demands for digital experiences with secure, reliable, scalable clouds.
Managed Services Simplify IT complexity with affordable, flexible services to accelerate your institution.
Big Data and Analytics Use advanced analytics to act on big data insights and build connected education environments.
Managed Wi-Fi
Fully-managed Wi-Fi connectivity and customer experience tools.

Managed Wi-Fi is a wireless networking solution that helps K-12 administrators and educators provide seamless Wi-Fi Internet access across their school or campus. Wi-Fi management tools help you manage user access, allocate bandwidth and schedule access times, giving you complete visibility and control over your Wi-Fi network.

With high-capacity Wi-Fi endpoints strategically located throughout your on-campus facilities, you can deliver faster internet connections and superior coverage so students, faculty and visitors can connect for truly untethered digital learning.

Our Managed Wi-Fi service offers you:

  • A custom-branded splash page that invites users to securely sign-on via social media authentication or a short form
  • To offset costs, you can offer advertising space on your sign-on and landing pages
  • Offer visitors wayfinding services to help them find their current location or search for nearby attractions
Leverage Our Technology Partnerships
CenturyLink has strategic partnerships in place to connect education organizations with the best framework, tools and expertise from some of the world’s best-in-class technology suppliers.
Easily Procure via Contract Vehicles

Get services that fit your budget with the right purchasing vehicle for your organization.

  • MiCTA – Education | Government | Nonprofit
  • The Quilt – National Regional Networks Consortium
  • E-Rate Assistance –? Discount Program for Schools and Libraries
  • G2G Marketplace – Government to Government
  • GSA?–??IT Schedule 70
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